• Search for saltiness
    Search for saltiness
    In Hong Kong, you always come across tourist asking: “Why does this store only sell dry food but not fresh food?” This is because it’s a dried seafood store!

    Dried seafood is a method that fishermen used to preserve food from the past. First, the method was limited to fish; but nowadays, the method extends to shellfish and other seafood, such as Abalone, Sea Cucumber, Scallop, Shrimp, Squid, and Oyster. These are common ingredients in Hong Kong-style cuisine and soups, because of its salty flavors and its nutrition.


    To find the most typical taste of dry seafood in Hong Kong, you may visit Sai Ying Pun Hai Mei Street and Tai O fishing village. It is not in the travel book recommendations, but simply just follows your nose, you can't miss it! All these wonderful gifts given by the sea, lies and absorbs the sun light on each and every door steps in the village. It witnessed the transformation of Hong Kong, from a fishing village to an international city, keeping it simple yet popular to diners. Start planning your trip to Hong Kong and experience this typical seafood cuisine.

    --June 2018

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