• Sweet Memories
    Sweet Memories
    Instead of “dessert”, the Cantonese and people from Hong Kong are more accustomed to using the term "Tong Sui" (literally "sweet soup"). Tong Sui is an important part of the Cantonese way to maintaining good health. 

    Water Chestnut and Tapioca help to cool down the body, Sweet& Bitter Apricot Kernel soup brings moisture to the lung, while Red Bean sweet soup helps to stimulate the circulation of blood. These simple and plain ingredients have satisfied the taste buds of many children. Traditional Tong Sui shop are similar in style to Hong Kong-style diners, or Cha Chaan Teng, radio playing Cantonese songs and the majority of the customers are locals who sit and chat over gossips and old memories.

    The popular Hong Kong-style desserts of today are synonyms for the new-style Tong Sui, these trendy new Tong Sui are usually a combination of fruits with sea coconut, sago, and coconut milk. From Mango Sago with Pomelo to Braised Tremella with Bird's Nest, these treats come with different quality. The shops are usually brightly lit with colourful decors, while young people hold trays of prettily-decorated desserts and take selfies with magazine cut-outs or celebrity photos in the background. This is the must-do "check-in" to show that they have been to the shop!

    After your afternoon nap or after dinner, come and enjoy a bowl of tasty sweet treat and savour each spoonful slowly, whether it is contemporary or traditional, we are certain that both styles are equally sweet and will definitely melt your heart.

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