• Shenyang Late Autumn Photography Guide
    Shenyang Late Autumn Photography Guide
    From mid-October onwards, it is the best season to admire ginkgo leaves in Shenyang.

    Every year at this time, many ginkgo avenues in Shenyang are crowded with people coming to admire and take photos of the lovely scenery. Each cluster of fan-shaped ginkgo leaves sway in the wind, as lively as a dancing elf, and reflecting the warm autumn sunlight, bright and sparkling, turning the autumn golden. Come and enjoy this breathtakingly beautiful scenery together with your family and friends!

    Recommended Location: Old campus of Liaoning University (No. 66, Chongshan Middle Road, Huanggu District, Shenyang City)

    Directions: Take the 242, 205, 228, or 299 buses from the Rosedale Hotel.

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