• Sacred Heart Cathedral
    Sacred Heart Cathedral
    Founded in 1863, the Sacred Heart Cathedral is the largest cathedral in the archdiocese Guangzhou. It is one of the most magnificent twin-tower Gothic architectures in the country still in existence today. Apart from the Notre Dame, Westminster Abbey and Cologne Cathedral, it is one of the few Gothic churches in the world to be entirely built of granite.

    The church was designed by French architects and built by Chinese artisans. On the inside, there are 10 giant stone pillars on both the left and right sides; the sharply-pointed arch design has resulted in the middle of the church to be high while the two sides are low, showing a distinctly rise and fall of the outline that presents a stately and solemn religious atmosphere. Exquisite floral pattern window grilles are placed on the front door and around the walls, while Bible stories are portrayed through the vividly colourful stained-glass windows. The cathedral is definitely a must-visit attraction.

    Directions: Take the subway line 6 outside the hotel and get out at “Yide Road Station”.

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